Quality Engineer

Aurora, CO | Engineering | Full-Time

General Position Summary

We’re looking for a Quality Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering or related engineering degree and ISO experience in manufacturing to ensure our processes, materials, vendors, suppliers, and every aspect of the manufacturing and fielding of Comptek smart poles, hybrid poles and other concealment solutions meet all quality, industry and customer standards. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality infrastructure solutions that meet 4G/5G, RF transparency, maintenance, and future equipment needs of wireless carriers and utility providers while meeting the architectural and aesthetic appeal of urban planners. If this ignites your interest or passion, we are looking for a meticulous, dedicated quality-minded problem-solver who wants to be part of team focused on providing every customer quality, timely products and services. As the quality engineer, you will manage every aspect of the operations quality program and become accountable for it, working with management, vendors and suppliers to continuously improve processes, procedures and materials used in fabricating our infrastructure solutions. If you hold a degree in engineering, have strong experience in quality assurance processes and have great attention to detail, we’d like to meet you. This position is open immediately for the right candidate and offers a competitive salary and benefits.

Essential Job Functions

The following represents a representative sample of essential functions and responsibilities for the position. This list is not exhaustive, and additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as required by the position and business

  1. Continuously improve, manage and oversee a quality management program and all aspects of quality associated with the fabrication, welding, galvanization, powder coating, painting, assembling, fitting, packing, and shipping of concealment solutions/products by Comptek and its vendors and suppliers
  2. Ensure all aspects of quality are ready for internal, customer and ISO audits
  3. Supervise and manage contracted Certified Welding Inspectors, ensuring qualifications and certifications, quality and strength of welding work, and adherence to standards
  4. Audit systems based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  5. Determine and manage quality metrics for all operations and related procedures within Comptek
  6. Determines quality improvement parameters by identifying statistical methods relevant to operations processes
  7. Update the Quality Management System (QMS) with incidents, fixes and improvements
  8. Monitor and review quarterly data based on suppliers’ reports
  9. Provide quarterly inspection data and quality assurance reports to senior management
  10. Understand and employ various inspection techniques and be able to act as an auditor for all internal systems identifying issues and recommending solutions
  11. Monitor entire production cycle and report on malfunctions
  12. Review engineering and manufacturing specifications to identify materials, including metals and finishes, needed for product assembly for all manufactured products
  13. Research and find the best vendors to supply materials needed for manufacturing process
  14. Develop and/or improve quality plans and checklists for internal processes as well as those with external suppliers.
  15. Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing data; make recommendations and implement or oversee implementation of solutions
  16. Develop tracking system to measure performance and continuous improvement, including tracking Corrective Action Requests
  17. Maintain a supplier database and include performance evaluations and quality control audits in the database for in-house access by company and operations management personnel
  18. Work with the Director of Operations and other management team members to negotiate contracts required to secure materials for production
  19. Conduct supplier quality control audits to ensure vendors and supplies remain in compliance with company and all required government and/or customer manufacturing and production standards
  20. Communicate with vendors regularly to address any concerns and foster an environment that facilitates continual improvement in working relationships
  21. Understand and interpret all manufacturing audits, including ISO 9001:2015 and other industry standards
  22. Regularly monitor production and machinery at every step of the process to ensure quality
  23. Ensure quality satisfaction by collecting feedback from internal and external customers
  24. Formulate any required testing procedures for quality checking
  25. Formulate quality control standards properly
  26. Set detailed guidelines on what needs to be checked and what the quality standards are

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Strong knowledge of welding inspections and design of welds
  2. Exceptional problem-solving skills, including root cause analysis
  3. Excellent analytical skills to observe the various aspects carefully
  4. Attention to detail – keen eye for detail work
  5. Ability to objectively review and qualify objective data
  6. Ability to work with suppliers to achieve quality results
  7. Excellent in-house and external communication and liaison skills
  8. Advanced knowledge of manufacturing and production processes (preferred)
  9. Experience implementing process improvement, developing standards, managing processes and procedures
  10. Excellent computer literacy
  11. Must be able to pass Jaeger, Ishihara and Kolbl vision tests

Education and Experience

  • 3-5 years of quality engineering and managerial and/or supervisory experience in a manufacturing company
  • Hands-on experience with QMS and ISO 9001:2015
  • Experience in manufacturing smart infrastructure concealment solutions (preferred)
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Industrial, Metallurgy, or related engineering field