Senior Estimator

Boulder, CO | Management | Full-Time

Salary: $84,000/yr - $96,000/yr

General Position Summary

We are seeking a motivated, experienced Senior Estimator to manage and facilitate the further development and continuous improvement of our estimating process. In this fast-growing company the ideal candidate is passionate about estimating and perfecting it. The Senior Estimator must be highly proficient in cost estimating techniques and software as well as industry-specific software. The Senior Estimator is responsible for ensuring the accurate calculation of the total costs associated with quoting engineering and manufacturing products for wireless operators, utilities and other wireless customers requesting Comptek Technologies’ 4G/5G concealment “smart” poles, hybrid poles, shrouds, and other connected wireless infrastructure. Working closely with the company’s accounting, purchasing, operations, project managers and sales teams, the position requires the determination and critical analysis of information to estimate the labor, overhead, materials, scrap and fabrication required to design, develop, fabricate, finish, and ship products to locations nationally. The Senior Estimator is responsible for ensuring all estimates account for risks, including allowances for inclement weather, shipping delays, and other variables that can increase costs and lower profits. The Senior Estimator will oversee the implementation and integration of estimating software tools and integration into the company’s planned enterprise resource planning (ERP) application in 2021. The successful candidate will build an estimating database using historical internal labor and material costs as well as competitive supplier quotes. The Senior Estimator will review newly developed product bids and major quotes with members of the executive team.

Essential Job Functions

The following represents a representative sample of essential functions and responsibilities for the position. This list is not exhaustive, and additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as required by the position and business
  • Over 8 years of experience in cost estimating techniques, software and product estimation in manufacturing (required)
  • Experience in cost estimating fabrication within the wireless industry or a similar product design and manufacture business.
  • Experience with estimating software and associated tools within an ERP system (preferred)
  • Develop total estimated cost including internal cost labor, materials, equipment as well as a breakdown of engineering, project management and other project overhead costs in addition to external costs based on competitive supplier estimates as well as industry project material cost projections.
  • Understand the varying value to the customer and provide a winning quotation to maintain and expand profitable revenue.
  • Project Construction cost estimating a plus
  • Provides and ensure accurate estimates on all projects for smart concealment poles, hybrid poles and shrouds, collaborate internally across the  Comptek Technologies organization and externally with Customer and Supplier network.
  • Analyze engineering, operations and other processes within the company required to complete the work and suggest opportunities for improvement.
  • Oversee and lead estimating process on specified bids; leading, supporting, and mentoring other members of the estimating team; and implementing pricing strategies; assisting and participating in the proposal review process and implementing feedbacks into future bids.
  • Prepare or oversee complete estimates on complex projects in accordance  internal design/engineering, customer and industry standard requirements; review documents and understand scope of work and bid requirements to  ensure accuracy of estimates
  • Develop detailed cost estimates from design/engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Develop cost plans through product design phase. Provide  updated cost plans at appropriate design milestones to provide accurate cost estimate as new products and customer opportunities develop.
  • Partner with cross-functional teams (e.g., design, engineering, project management, operations, purchasing, and cost accounting) to understand requirements and ensure alignment of estimate to actual scope, schedule, and cost.
  • Critically review material and labor costs to determine the most cost-effective methods to purchase and produce components.
  • Show creativity and resourcefulness to gain best pricing from vendors and suppliers
  • Develop, improve and streamline estimating processes and procedures
  • Build and maintain estimating databases and templates specific to each project for the development of future estimates and benchmarking
  • Maintain records of estimated costs, actual cost and variances
  • Provide reports to senior managers on estimate data
  • Prepare and monitor base material pricing and validate against pricing references to acquire current competitive material quotes
  • Recommend ways to reduce costs internally and with the company’s supply chain partners.
  • Work with sales teams to prepare estimates and bids for submittal to customers.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Experience with estimating software
  • Have multi-discipline experience and proven capabilities to prepare estimates from different angles to check work product (e.g., parametric, bottoms up and high level)
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving skills
  • Capability to multi-task in a fast pace environment with multiple projects.
  • Experience using MS Office, MS Teams, MS Project, an existing commercial estimating tool is required.  
  • Knowledge of SharePoint, PDX, Fishbowl and CAD tools are a plus.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Excellent analytical, creative thinking, written and verbal communication skills to review and discuss estimates or estimating activities
  • Project management and customer service experience a plus

Education and Experience

  • 8+ years’ experience in performing cost estimates, reviewing price and preparing cost proposals for product engineering and manufacturing projects
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business, accounting, project management, construction management or related fields