Comptek Technologies: Getting it Right in the Right-of-Way

The deployment of 5G brings far reaching promises for digital equity and inclusion, city services, underserved communities, education, healthcare, and more. Unfortunately, the rapid deployment of infrastructure to support 5G networks is often hindered by right-of-way construction demands, aesthetic requirements, or availability of the workforce, according to Jim Lockwood, CEO and founder of Comptek Technologies. “Pressure is on the wireless carriers to deploy 5G wireless technologies, increase 4G and WiFi coverage to expand their cellular and wireless data connectivity for mobile users and provide the 5G and IoT platform for smart city initiatives,” he says. The pandemic also brought to the forefront the need to bridge the gaps of technology access to underserved urban and rural communities for workers, education and residents.

Comptek Technologies’ roots in bringing innovative infrastructure solutions to market run deep. Established by Lockwood in 1998 as Comptek Structural Composites in New York, the company introduced the first non-welded carbon fiber reinforcing system for strengthening macro cell towers. The system proved to be a safer technology than welding reinforcing steel that created a fire hazard. The company brought its non-welded tower reinforcements to market through the formation of Aero Solutions. It partnered with Paul J. Ford & Company which provided… Read More on Inside Towers