Concealment Poles

Concealment Poles

CityPole® is the best smart pole solution for small cell deployments in the right-of-way. Configurable and capable of housing different equipment configurations, CityPole® simplifies and streamlines network upgrades. Thoughtfully engineered and designed to complement urban environments, CityPole® uniquely meets the changing needs of the wireless industry, city government, and residents. With attractive styling, large access panels and modular construction, CityPole® is engineered to support the pace of technological change.

Flex RailTM and Flex MountTM

The CityPole® team collaborates with the wireless carriers and radio equipment manufactures to identify 4G and 5G equipment configurations planned for the market and identifications equipment configurations for optimal equipment functioning, thermal management, and expansion space for future technology. The FlexMountTM System allows for hundreds of equipment configuration possibilities. The universal brackets and mounts easily adjust for future equipment.  The FlexRailTM system is key to the flexibility, ease of maintenance, and equipment exchange.

Testing and Acceptance

As an extension of Comptek’s engineering capabilities, we offer both in-house as well as lab-partnered testing of each product delivered to the market. Due to the wide number of possible variations within the CityPole® system, including equipment configurations, spatial orientation of radios, volume of airflow, and environmental conditions our team of design engineers work with several thermal management methodologies and environmental testing requirements as outlined in Telcordia’s GR-487. In addition to guidance of GR-487, Comptek’s methods for standard acceptance of products are in accordance with relevant commercial and trade-practice including but not limited to TIA and AASHTO requirements, AWS standards for welding and inspection and overall manufacturing governance to ISO 9001 and AISC.