Tri-Sector Shroud

The 5G Shroud and pole top mount concealment solution is compatible with radios and antennas of all major equipment manufacturers.

The 5G Shroud accommodates a tri-sector antenna array and provides the option to vertically stack multiple 5G units, a 4G mount, and an equipment cabinet. Comptek’s 5G shroud system is equipped with mechanical down-tilt capability to complement the down-tilt integrated into the antennas by the equipment manufacturer. All Comptek shrouds comply with GR-487 and meet local structural and thermal standards.

In addition to integrating with the CityPole® full concealment smart pole, the Comptek 5G Shroud easily mounts to new and existing infrastructure, including existing streetlight poles and traffic signal poles. The 3M mmW/5G transparent film is color matched to the finish of the thermoformed shroud to provide a total concealment solution.
  • Fully concealed 5G shroud
  • Thermoformed transition shroud
  • 360 tri-sector array adjustment
  • Mechanical down-tilt
  • Vibration isolation dampener
  • Optional mounting of 4G canister
  • RF transparent concealment film
  • Galvanized internal mounts
  • Custom shroud color and finish
  • Complies with GR-487