Comptek Technologies: Getting it Right in the Right-of-Way

The deployment of 5G brings far reaching promises for digital equity and inclusion, city services, underserved communities, education, healthcare, and more. Unfortunately, the rapid deployment of infrastructure to support 5G networks is often hindered by right-of-way construction demands, aesthetic requirements, or availability of the workforce, according to Jim Lockwood, CEO

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Focus on Design Eases Permitting Process in California Markets

Attention to detail can be the difference between an efficient permitting process and a deployment that stalls out during the approval process. Boulder, Colorado-based Comptek Technologies, an Aero Wireless Group company, is capitalizing on its ability to create small cell site designs that meet many of the rigorous standards and

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Comptek Has New line of 5G Shrouds and Mounts Designed for High Winds

Comptek Technologies, an Aero Wireless Group company specializing in smart poles and wireless infrastructure solutions, last week announced a line of shrouds and mounts that they hope will simplify and expedite permitting and deployments for wireless network operators. The company is the developer of CityPole® smart poles. They describe their

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Verizon installs 5G in Denver in special ‘smart poles’

The Boulder, Colorado-based company Comptek Technologies has designed stand-alone poles to house wireless small cell equipment that is completely hidden within the poles. The City of Denver has approved the design of these Comptek City Poles, and Verizon is now deploying them in Denver for 4G and 5G small cell equipment.

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